Friday, 16 January 2015

Research Questions

Data Analysis

Question 1: Where in SST can I find the most amount of bacteria?

We will be collecting samples from 6 places in SST that students come into contact with often such as door handles and staircase railing. We will record the amount of bacteria colonies that grow from these samples and plot it onto a graph to be compared

Question 2: How do we view the different bacteria?

We will grow the colonies until they can be seen and compare all the samples, concluding which location has the most amount of bacteria.

Question 3: What are the different colours of the bacterium colonies?

The colonies will grow into different colours. When we take down the information on the growth we will take down the number of different colonies. We can use that to distinguish which is the common bacteria.

Question 4: How do I count the colonies?

After the bacteria has been incubated we view the number of bacteria colonies. If two bacteria colonies have the same colour, shape and size, they are the same bacteria. We count the colonies which are similar for each sample and conclude which bacteria is the most common one.

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