4. Discussion

Experiment Take 1:
        We used only one set of data and we did not allow the nutrient broth to set down on the swab for the bacteria to be transferred and so the experiment failed. There was nearly no bacteria to be grown. That was bad as the data might have been incorrect and we might have failed, which would be bad. We were warned be our teacher and we then restarted our experiments.

Experiment Take 2:
        This time we took only one set of data and the data was barely taken down correctly. There were no pictures taken and we did not take down the steps. These things were catastrophic and could have caused us to fail if we had gone ahead with it. But our teacher had warned us, and so we repeated the entire experiment and when we did, well, that would be take 3!

Experiment Take 3:
        For our last try, our last best try, we did everything right. The nutrient broth soaked the swab for long enough, the experiment was done with three sets of data. We recorded the setups and steps. We had everything set up right and the timing as well. It nearly fell apart when we forgot the order of the pictures, but we were able to recall it and the problem was solved. In the end the experiment was a success and we had fun doing it.

Key Findings: The dirtiest place was the door handle and fungi was found in our agar plates.

Explanation of key findings: The results of the experiment shows that the Door Handle has the most amount of Bacteria (75%) and Fungi (40%), the Classroom Table has the least amount of Bacteria (10%) and the Staircase Railing has the least amount of Fungi (1%) . This shows that the Door Handle is the location that contains the most about of Bacteria and Fungi as most people don't wash their hands and touch the door handle. The liquid used to wipe the canteen table may not be strong enough. The cloth used to wipe the locations are the same. Most people do not touch the staircase railing as much so the amount of Bacteria and Fungi is not as much as from the Door Handle. Most people do not touch the table with their hands so the amount of Bacteria and Fungi isn't that much. The detergent used to clean the Canteen Table may not be strong enough to get rid of some bacteria and fungi. The toilet bowl contains a lot of Bacteria as people use the stall. The detergent used to wash the toilet bowl isn't strong enough so it has the 2nd most amount of Bacteria and Fungi. Some people do not use the locker so there is little Bacteria and Fungi found. We think Fungi can be found in the petri dish as spores may have landed on the location and we swabbed it. it may also be due to us not spreading the nutrient broth all over the agar plate fast enough, causing spores in the air to land on the agar plate, causing contamination.

Evaluation of Hypothesis: We thought the toilet bowl would be the dirtiest as people do their business there or the step on the toilet bowl pan. Our hypothesis was proven to be wrong as the door handle turned out to be the dirtiest as people with hands that are contaminated by bacteria grab the door handle, transferring the bacteria from their hands to the door handle.

Areas of improvement: We could have spread the nutrient broth faster as it could lead to unfair results and we could have labelled the agar plates when we took the photos as we lost track which may have forced us to re-do the experiment.

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