5. Conclusion

What We Had Learnt

During the experiment, we learnt how to use the micro pipette, using of the L-spreader to spread the Nutrient Broth around the Agar Plate and Measuring of bacteria. When collecting the results, we realized that Bacteria and Fungi are mostly found at the Door Handle (Bacteria: 75% Fungi: 40%)  . The second most amount of Bacteria and Fungi is the Toilet Bowl (Bacteria: 65% Fungi: 10%). The Staircase Railing (Bacteria: 45% Fungi: 1%) has the least amount of Fungi and the Class Table (Bacteria: 10% Fungi: 3%) has the least amount of Bacteria. The Locker had 15% of bacteria and 5% of Fungi while the Canteen Table had 30% of Bacteria and 5% Fungi.

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How Do We Prevent this?

To prevent from getting infected easily, we need to have a habit of washing your hands with soap before eating, touching the door handle and others. We can also clean the toilet seat after using it and before using it. Do not stand on the toilet seat as it will dirty the toilet seat. Keep your lockers clean even if you are not using it. Always clean up after using the canteen table (Eating) . Avoid spilling or dropping any drinks or food when using the canteen table.

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