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An investigation of bacteria growth in SST

Members: Arvin, Irfan, Raphael and Meng Hou

Class S2-08, Year 2015.

The aim of this paper is to show the students of SST what kind of bacteria they come into contact with and the reasons. This is because students in SST are always falling sick. We did an experiment by swabbing different locations and things in SST which students come into contact with often. The locations are the canteen table, staircase railing, door handle, classroom table, locker and the toilet bowl. We swabbed the different areas and placed the samples onto agar plates which were then incubated for a week. We did the experiment trice and found the average of all three results. We found out that not only bacteria was on the agar plates. We also found fungi in every agar plate.This shows that each location has both bacteria and fungi, which may be the cause of people getting sick. In the end, the door handle was the dirtiest and the sample with the least bacteria was the locker.  This is useful to Science as it is investigation on bacteria, a microorganism that can be harmful, is everywhere around us. This is helpful to the reader as it shows the reader why people in SST are getting sick easily and what is the source of it and how they can prevent it .(e.g. Washing hands)

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